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We have a team of 27 self employed therapists all supporting our therapy voucher scheme, where, people with long term conditions receive vouchers to spend on the therapies that they feel best suits their needs.  

This project is empowering and enabling as it keeps people in the driving seat of the management of their own conditions.  The therapies are funded, as we are aware that for many living with a long term condition and limited income, access to therapies would be financially challenging.  


6 Month Breakdown of Therapies  September 2019 to March 2020

459 sessions

therapy graph.png

The graph above shows that most people receiving therapy have massage therapies (63%) and craniosacral therapy (22%).   Also popular with a few are Be Activated Therapy (5%)  and myofascial release (5%)   All which can help relieve muscle pain and spasms, fatigue, weakness as well as reduce anxiety, insomnia and stress levels.


The remaining 5% say they feel good when they look good and have chosen to use vouchers for hair and beauty sessions, the pampering helps them feel more confident and ready to face others.  Some have a mix of therapies, using their vouchers to try out different types of therapy to see what suits their needs best.

Mairi, Carradale


Without access to the therapies available, I would be “on my own” in Carradale, a very rural part of Kintyre. I’ve found friends, understanding supportive therapists second to none in a warm relaxing environment. I have MS but feel so much better after therapy, part of a very caring community! —can’t praise them highly enough and count myself very, very lucky.

Dinah Bosomworth massage.jpg
Andrew Manson - chair based massage.jpg
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