Multiple Sclerosis Centre, Mid Argyll is situated in Lochgilphead on the West Coast of Scotland, with outreach support extending over the larger areas of Mid Argyll, Kintyre, Islay and Jura.  

Our mission is to support people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and other long term conditions, as well as anyone feeling socially isolated.  

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Through our many centre based projects, activities and outreach service we support people to be in control of the management of their own conditions by providing access to:

  •  A wide range of complementary therapies, physiotherapy and talking therapies,

  • Condition self management workshops,supportive listening and peer support,

  • Accessible exercise classes,

  • Community food projects,

  • Music and craft activities,

  • Centre outings

  •  Support with welfare forms, signposting to relevant support organisations 

  •  Campaigning, awareness raising, speaking out and being the voice for those not being heard.   


Our aims is to focus on what people can do rather than focusing what limitations they may have.  We encourage our members to develop current skills and gain new skills.

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The Centre building is currently closed, with staff working online at home delivering a virtual centre - claases, groups and activities all still being offered.


Please follow us on the new Facebook link below.