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Our Vision


Our dream is for a cure for the long term conditions affecting so many members of the Centre’s community and ultimately a reversal of the symptoms, which have negatively impacted on the lives of so many in the community served by the Centre. The Centre would then become a healthy living hub offering services which are ill health preventions and which promote good health. 

Our vision is for everyone living in our area affected by long term conditions to be supported to enable them to confidently self manage their own conditions.  Research will be carried out to help raise awareness of the positive impact of oxygen therapy, which is the unique selling point as there is no other in the Centre’s catchment area. 

Another aim is to reach more people through digital communication, offering those who are unable to leave their homes access to our services, linking them with others who can offer them support and empathy. 


Multiple Sclerosis Centre, Mid Argyll work in an honest, ethical and legal way as we have a  responsibility to our stakeholders to offer the best service we can.  We value the importance of building trusting, professional relationships with our members enabling vulnerable people to feel respected and empowered.  We offer a fair service and try to keep our members engaged by being original, fun and inspiring. 

Championing the Cause

MS Centre, Mid Argyll communicate with stakeholders frequently and in a variety of ways, best suited to the needs of the individual person, group, funding body, other local groups/charities and statutory bodies.  Awareness of all the work and the needs of their community is offered in fun, inspiring training events educating on the impact of long term conditions.  Participants are asked to wear items which mimic the ‘symptoms’ of a long term condition to help increase their understanding of and empathy towards others affected by the symptoms of long term conditions.  This is a fun, simple yet extremely effective training session and has been delivered to school children, carers, other voluntary organisations, local businesses, Members of Parliament, friends and family and visitors to the MS Centre.  The Centre also organises awareness events across Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Isles and has a good, professional working relationship with the local newspaper who frequently publicise their work. Funders receive email updates with good news stories as well as end of year project reports. 


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