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Laura's Story


15 years ago, due to health problems, my GP suggested I go to the MS Centre, to start oxygen therapy in their barochamber and hopefully ease some of the symptoms caused by my various long term health problems.

I was really impressed by the lovely staff and I also met a great human being, Karen McCurry the MS Centre Manager.

People come and go and life is full  of surprises, but despite the hard time I had and my wish of giving up, I always found a warm and encouraging word from Karen, who is one of the most positive women I have met in my life. Her zest for life is infectious and she is able to organise a lot of nice activities, despite life having challenged her too.


Karen introduced me to the Zumba Gold class, with the lovely Sam, another star.  Nice concerts have been organised, art and craft days and markets, tasty Christmas breakfasts and so on, but most importantly, Karen is always there for everybody.  It is completely unknown to me if she has ever been grumpy or sad and unavailable to hug you fondly.

She is also able to attract nice people, because the staff are very friendly.  My thanks and gratitude go to Karen and her staff team: Maggie, Claire and Isobel and all the volunteers who help on a daily basis.

Thank you friends, I LOVE YOU.

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