Meet Claire Cameron,

our Long Term Conditions Outreach and Community Development worker.


Claire offers one to one direct support to people and their families affected primarily by neurological conditions, who are unable to travel to our Centre base.  This ensures that they all have equal access to information, therapies, awareness of other local supportive services and emotional support as those attending the Centre have.  

Claire works at grassroots level, immersing herself in the communities she works in enabling her to identify the needs of that particular community and support those who were previously hard to reach. 

We quickly learned that what may work in one small community cannot always be replicated in another.  The small communities we support, across the vast areas we cover, are unique and often need different solutions to the challenges and barriers they may be facing.   











Claire works in close partnership with other services and organisations to develop new groups and has successfully brought many services and groups together at community events she has organised to make it easier  for individuals to see all the support offered in their community in one accessible place.

Areas which Claire Covers are:






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