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A partnership between

Multiple Sclerosis Centre, Mid Argyll and Lochgilphead Community Education.

In June 2018 members of the Community Education team visited the MS Centre, Mid Argyll to discuss learning opportunities for our members.

Our members were asked to list the workshops they would like and it was agreed that for 8 Wednesdays in the months of August and September we would have a workshop each week.


The five workshops were:

Make Up for Inner Beauty.

Argentine Tango

Healthy Spanish Cooking

Sewing Machines for Beginners.  

Wicker Lantern Making (4 weeks)

The workshops increased everyone's self esteem, confidence and encouraged people to learn new skills while supporting and motivating each other.

wicker lantern 3.jpg

Everyone is still enjoying coming together and learning new skills from one another.  Our focus has always been on what people can do rather than what the symptoms of their conditions may be limiting them from doing.

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