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My name is Mairi Paterson


I was aware of MS symptoms in May 1992 a week after having a laparoscopy operation at an Ayrshire hospital. Prior to then I had a full time job as a Health Shop manageress which I loved.

I was in excellent health so when I woke one morning ,was freezing cold and had no feeling from the waist down, I knew something was seriously wrong.

Many doctors appointments followed over the next 2 years, eventually having an MRI followed by a lumbar puncture.

I would like to say I was well treated by the various doctors and specialists but the opposite was the case. 

At one point, my employers sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon despite my protestations that there was nothing orthopaedically wrong with me. That particular man was thoroughly nasty. I had been trying everything I knew to improve my health, acupuncture, homeopathy,oesteopathy etc, all at my own expense. He wrote to my employers, I got the sack.

I eventually got a copy of the letter he wrote— everything I’d tried he had in italics with exclamations and ended up saying I needed to see a psychiatrist and would never work again.
Finally after yet another struggle with doctors I had my MRI— it showed MS.

I then had my lumbar puncture, and was told by the neurologist I had diabetic neuropathy, then changed that to MS — but it wouldn’t be too bad, I was in my early 30’s— I was in my early 40’s!!

I asked for help, was told there were leaflets downstairs— there were none. 

Fast forward a few years and I came home to Carradale.   Not long after that I found out about the MS Centre in Lochgilphead.

Carradale is 40 miles from Lochgilphead so takes a day to go back and forward including treatment.


My initial opinion of this centre has never changed!   Lovely bright welcoming place with staff who really care and are very knowledgeable— I felt cared for, loved and that I mattered!


The therapists are superb and incredibly caring — a fine bunch of people who listen and help whenever they can.  Home from home, I can’t praise the place and people highly enough. No longer fighting for myself. Others using the centre have their own stories to tell but it’s a place of fun and laughter. Staff work so hard and do sterling work raising funds.


Everyone is most welcome!

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