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                                                     Oxygen Therapy

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Baro means increased pressure. In Oxygen Therapy, pure oxygen is breathed through a mask under pressure in a specially constructed Baro Chamber. It is very safe with almost no side effects, unlike much medication.

Our Baro Chamber in is like a room inside a large steel tube that can be sealed and pressurised. It is large enough to seat up to four people. Oxygen Therapy is also known as Oxygen Treatment.

Many people find that Oxygen Therapy gives them:

  • Faster healing

  • Energy boosts

  • Reduced pain

  • Decreased swelling and inflammation

  • Helps to combat infection


What happens during Oxygen Therapy?

We usually deliver oxygen treatment up to a maximum of two atmospheres. (One atmosphere we experience at sea level, plus an additional atmosphere of pressure that we generate by increasing the air inside the chamber). Once we reach the right pressure, you put on a mask and breathe pure oxygen. Every session is supervised – we are always on hand to help.

We also offer oxygen sessions with the chamber door open -breathing 100% oxygen through a mask at ambient pressure.   

To arrange a trial session and / or get further information please telephone us on:


01546 606303


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Clip of an oxygen therapy before a session starts

Clip of Fiona after oxygen therapy session finishes

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