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The Centre is a hub of community activity, which has improved the health and wellbeing of members of our community and is  at the heart of all we do.

A wide range of activities, classes and events are offered to help people self manage the symptoms of their chronic condition.  These are also available to all members of the community. 


To encourage people of all abilities to stay active we offer various adapted exercise classes -

Pilates, Zumba Gold, Stretch and Balance, Stretch and Tone, Age Scotland's Body Boosting Bingo and Giraffe physio group.  


In each class participants work at their own pace and ability and exercise either standing or sitting.    


Some activities are informative to help cope and others take me away from the pain for the time spent. We have learned a lot and laughed a lot more.


Pilates although sometime hard you come away feeling that you have manged something that a little is a lot, also there is always a laugh through the pain.


Tai chi has certainly been great to help with concentration and balance.  Pilates helps with awareness of your own core strength and how to improve it. It also helps greatly with the chuckle muscles

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