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                                         Diabetic Ulcers & Leg Ulcers

Do you have painful leg or foot ulcers?

Leg ulcers are horrid because they can take so very long to heal. Diabetic foot ulcers can also lead to amputations. However, did you know that something as simple as breathing more oxygen can sometimes cure ulcers?

Oxygen Therapy may help Diabetic Ulcers and Leg Ulcers

No treatment works for everyone but oxygen has a real benefit for the majority of people with ulcers who try it. Many people find that Oxygen Therapy helps them to heal faster and feel more energised.

Oxygen Therapy increases the level of oxygen in your blood. Your body uses that to help accelerate the natural healing process. You breathe pure oxygen through a mask, while sitting in a gently pressurised Oxygen Chamber.  You’ll find more details on our Oxygen Therapy page.

We offer free trial sessions Telephone 01546 606303.

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