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Fighting Fatigue

Are you exhausted? Would you like more energy?

People visit our Lochgilphead Centre for many different reasons.  Some have a neurological condition such as MS, Parkinson’s or Stroke. Others have ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. Most people are experiencing extreme exhaustion.


1.  Oxygen Therapy

Breathing pure oxygen under gentle pressure can accelerate healing and increase energy. Some people find Oxygen Therapy – or OT – helpful after chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. Many say that it gives them the energy they need to do everyday tasks again. For some people, it has helped them to keep working, or to enjoy their hobbies again. You are welcome to book a free trial.

2. Exercise for Energy

We offer group exercise classes specifically aimed at increasing stamina and fighting fatigue. Perfect for increasing your energy level again. Also, many find it helpful to talk with others experiencing similar symptoms. Many of our people have made great friendships here!

To arrange a free trial session please telephone 01546 606303


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